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I’m Kylah. Full-time working gal, and mama to 2 little ones – Dayvah (5) and Rainah (2).

This part of my story starts right here – when nurturing myself, and nourishing my family was my greatest challenge, and then my greatest opportunity for growth.

11 years ago I fell head over heels for my college sweetheart over bike rides to farmers markets, picnics in pretty parks, weekend hikes, long hours in our favourite cafes and bookstores,  and dinner parties with friends.

Fast-forward 7 years, to after a wedding and 2 sweet girls later.

Before I became a mother I had no idea how huge my heart could swell or how challenging the everyday realities of parenting young children could be.

Gone were the footloose and fancy free before kids, young love days.

Life had veered so much in the opposite direction I knew a major shift was desperately needed when every time a meal or snack time approached (3 times/day!!!) I felt overwhelmed and exhausted before I even stepped foot in the kitchen.  

What was I going to make? How would I avoid negotiations with picky eaters? What tricks could I use to hide vegetables in my children’s meals? Would I scarf down yet another meal, barely chewed, in between whines, cries, and sibling rivalry?

Mealtime. It had become an exhausting and emotionally draining affair and after several epic meltdowns I made some pretty tough realizations.

We had been rushing through the single most cherished and time honoured time of day that has been passed on over time from family to family to family.

I’d had it all backwards. By plowing through meals, I’d been hoping to save precious time in our already full lives.

But as I slowly dug a little deeper I realized what my heart instinctively knew. What we were actually ‘saving time on’ – and often cutting out altogether – were the meaningful moments and focused connections that meals together as a family bring.

We also needed a major diet overhaul.  We were eating the same quick meals on repeat and we were grabbing take-out or plopping the kids down in front of screens (not just for snacks) way more often than I’d like to admit. These habits were visibly taking a toll on our bodies, moods and overall energy levels.

Mothers today live in a time of incredible access to convenient, fast foods. But for all the time savings these have brought us they’ve also taken something incredibly vital to our health and happiness away from us; the one time of day when families gather together, focused & face-to-face, to share good food and digest our days together– mealtime.

This shift began with the simple act of noticing – what, where and how we were planning, cooking and eating our meals. Scheduled mealtimes together and meal planning became a non-negotiable for me and my family.

We stopped the rush, got back to the basics of what nourishing our family means to us (not being constantly on the go and overscheduled), and stuck to the simple seasonal meal plans I was creating for us.

Slowly – one meal at a time – I began to move with more calm, ease and confidence in the kitchen, around the table and in life, and my loved ones did too.

When feeding our family is merely an afterthought, or we fill up on quick snacks on the go or in front of screens, we skip the incredibly nourishing potential our foods and our loved ones have to offer us.

It took a whole lotta research and reflection and planning and patience to create this natural rhythm that now feeds our family far beyond the dinner table ever night. But every moment of prep, planning and slowing down is returned back to us ten fold in health, replenishment, love and laughter.

We sit down for the fresh, delicious meals, but what we’re really savoring are the beautiful moments and memories that far outlast the meal itself.

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