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This course includes a series of e-workshops, instructional videos, how-to guides, done for you seasonal meal plans and a private tribe forum of supportive, fun and loving hearted mothers to share the nourishing path this course will take you and your family on.

I’ve designed this course for mindful mothers with full lives. I’m a full-time working mama and I honour how challenging, yet absolutely replenishing, taking the time to make changes in our homes can be (as gradual as they may be).

In other words, we get to the real heart of the topics right off the bat so our time together is effective, efficient, inspiring and motivating, and let’s you bring new life to your kitchen, dinner table, and family life right away.

Please answer the following to be sure this course and your desires for you and your beautiful family are the right fit:

Share fresh, delicious meals with my loved ones that they eat, enjoy + appreciate
Incorporate local seasonal vegetables (from a CSA, farmers market, garden or grocery store) in to family friendly meals
Pass on the incredible gift of health + wellbeing to my children
Feel replenished + relaxed after a meal with my family
Deepen our connections and spend more playful + peaceful moments with each other
Learn how to handle picky, whiny, fussy and complaining eaters with patience + confidence
Transition my kids to and from family meals with ease
Invite a little more gratitude, love + laughter into our lives with simple seasonal mealtime traditions + rituals
Save time + energy by getting uber effective + efficient in the kitchen
Follow + stick with motivating meal plans that use uncomplicated recipes and ingredients
Save money by minimizing food waste in my fridge and by learning exactly how, what and how much I should buy in bulk to stock my pantry
Get my family on a natural rhythm of eating healthy meals together
Join a tribe of like hearted mothers who will inspire, motivate, and support each other on this wild and beautiful parenting journey

Did you answered a wholehearted YES, please! to any of these?

Did just the thought of some of these ideas instill a huge sigh of relief? Like, that would make life soooooo much easier?

Then YES! you’re in the right place and I’m incredibly happy to have you here.

This course evolved from my own strategic plan to dig my family out of the mealtime trenches – to replenish our health, to regain my own sanity at suppertime, and to spend this precious time with my loved ones deepening connections rather than pulling them apart.

I’m a full-time working mom, with a pretty full  life and I just wanted to nourish myself and my family with fresh, wholesome foods, and I needed practical, delicious ways to do it.

Motherhood expects so much of us, and while we have so much to give, truthfully, feeding ourselves and our families well can be pretty damn challenging at times.

I get it. I have sooooo been there and I will be right beside you on this journey.

Over the past several years I’ve made it my lifes work to bring more meaning, and more laughter, and healthier tastier meals to our table and I’ll show you that this doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful, a burden on your wallet, or your time and energy.

I am sooooo excited to share with you my tried and true strategies, tips + tricks, ideas + insights, and all the aha! moments I’ve collected to pull off uncomplicated, great tasting, replenishing family meals.

When I was pregnant with our first child my husband and I would dream of warm family meals filled with love and laughter, and moments of peace and playfulness.

When the reality of parenting actually settled in the fierce and tender – “I would stand in front of a bus for this person even though they just threw a banana in my face” – love I have for my children was combined with exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm.

I knew something had to give when family dinners usually resulted in at least one person having a meltdown practically before the meal had even started.

We had been rushing through mealtime, all parts of it – the planning, preparing, and eating – often we were moving through all of these at light speed – ‘eat up! We’ve got to get…’ dressed, ready for school, ready to go (fill in your own blank).

Sometimes we didn’t even make it to the table.

We ate on the go, in front of screens and even used food as an emotional distraction for our kids (I used to interrupt many a sibling battle with ‘snack time girls!!!’ or load my girls up on snacks in the car or while running errands to keep them happy).

BK (‘before kids’) I worked through major dietary changes after long suffering from chronic fatigue, horrible digestion and poor skin . With the demands of parenting and our less than nourishing eating habits my symptoms started to return and I could see the effects of a rushed diet on my sweet girls too – crankiness, difficulty falling asleep, and picky eating (just to name a few!).

I became more aware than ever before that we all needed to slow down, eat better and enjoy our meals together as a family. With no distractions. No screens. No outside interruptions. Us time.

I first looked to my growing stack of gorgeous cookbooks. I used them sometimes but otherwise they sat untouched. What I needed to help guide my family through these changes was not just picture perfect recipes but an entire meal time reset – an inspiring, motivating, and practical real life plan.

Since then I’ve read stacks of books, articles and studies on everything from picky eating to the many benefits of face-to-face mealtimes with our loved ones, I’ve tested way more recipes than I can count, watched countless cooking videos, and most importantly I’ve experimented on my own children.

Basically, I devoured every morsel of information I could find on PARENTING + REAL FOOD + COOKING and it’s when I combined the three that I started to see the real shifts happen in my kitchen, around the table, and in our life together as a family.

For me, my energy lifted, I felt physically lighter and mentally clearer again. And my patience, confidence and creativity as a mother expanded when it mattered the most.

My husband lost 20 pounds and my kids stopped crying at mealtime and started eating (almost all) their veggies.

Mealtime became the best reflection of the soul of our family.

But these healthy meals and vital time together feeds much more than our hungry bellies.

When our children are well nourished with food and family, they too move with more ease and joy through life.

As with most shifts I needed a good solid plan (a mentor of mine likes to say… ‘if it ain’t scheduled, it ain’t real’), to trust my gut feelings and to regularly show up with love and intention to do the work.

With this in mind I designed this course to not only motivate you with inspiring and insightful ideas but to pass on all my most practical, hands-on strategies to help you feed and nourish your family with more ease, intention and rhythm.

Join me and my tribe of mindful mothers and I will show you how.

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