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What is your education & where do you work?

I have a university degree in Environmental Geography and am currently mid-way through my studies as a Holistic Nutritionist. I work on my families organic farm.

How did you learn to cook?

I taught myself.  When I started seriously trying to make healthy yet tasty food I had a lot more failures than successes. The ease and intuition that now guides my playtime in the kitchen is the result of over 10 years of experimentation. I still don’t always get it right on the first time, that is why I only share recipes on this website and in my meal plans that myself, family and friends have enjoyed many times over.


How much time do you spend meal planning & in the kitchen each day?

With a meal plan in hand I find it a whole lot easier to whip up simple, healthy delicious meals for my loved ones and myself. Most of our meals take about 10-30 mins of time in the kitchen and I spend about 1 hour grocery shopping each week.


What diet do you follow?

None! While I don’t have any severe food allergies my digestion, my energy, my skin and my whole being radiates on a mainly plant based diet that also incorporates small amounts of quality raw dairy (mainly cheese & butter, no milk), pastured meats, fish and free range eggs. The bonus of eating this way is that I never feel like I need to diet or count calories. All of my recipes give dairy-free, meat-free and wheat free options.

Do you eat only organic foods?

If I had to smack a number on it I would say about 90% of what my family eats is organic. Sometimes we eat foods that are not organic, but produced by a local farmer whom we know and trust. It wasn’t always this way, but overtime the more I’ve learned about the people and practices that produce foods both at home and in other parts of the world the more my heart and my mind guides me to choose both organic, and fair trade as much as possible.


How much money do you spend on food each week and where do you buy it?

It really varies from week to week, and with the season. Almost anything we can’t get directly from a local producer we buy in bulk from a natural food coop (ONFC). This saves us a ton of money compared to purchasing items such as legumes, grains, oils, dried fruit etc in small bags. The money we save in this department goes towards eating organic meats, dairy etc. We also make a weekly visit to the grocery store to stock up on perishables like bananas, avocadoes, milk etc.


How did you get to where you are today?

This has been a gradual – yet dedicated – personal and family journey. It didn’t happen over night. I concentrate on making small changes every day, celebrating the successes, and having fun figuring out the challenges. My hope with Seasonally Nourished is to help inspire and motivate mamas on their own journey by sharing my own experiences through my blog, e-course and family meal plans.