Get inspiring insights + ideas to bring rhythm, gratitude and fresh, delicious, simple foods to your table

Living a parallel life in many ways to me; Kylah is working mama, and wife. The unfolding of Kylah’s life has always inspired me. Her commitment to health and wellness and her deep and innate relationship to nourishment: to her community, to her family, to each and every choice she makes. I am confident that Kylah’s tips, recipes, menu plans will bring rhythm, nourishment, simplicity, and joy to your dinner table.

Juniper Turgeon / Mama & Organic Farmer /

I continually learn more from Kylah about how to make food fun, intentional, creative and meaningful for my entire family. What resonates with me most is that she’s a real mom, sister, daughter, wife, and friend – so she teaches what she lives and practices on a everyday. Kylah inspires and motivates me to nourish and connect with my family in very simple yet profound ways. It’s doable, fun, and I love it!

Jen Frickey / Mama & Educator /

Kylah has gained her wisdom and knowledge through not only her formal studies but through her own invaluable experiences. She understands the obstacles when it comes to eating well, living fully and wholly and celebrating food and family time with ritual and purpose. She has created simple yet powerful ways that encourage a path to wellness and nourishment in its truest sense. Kylah is non-judgemental, gentle, caring and genuine in her approach which in turn helps her clients to reach our goals with a sense of empowerment and joy.

Julie Keon / Mama, Birth Educator & Life Cycle Celebrant /

Kylah ‘s passion for supporting mothers in their parenting journey emanates from all aspects of her own life. I deeply value her insights and practical advice to simplify family friendly meals made of healthy, fresh ingredients. She has taught me the value of this time with my loved ones and how to create them with love and confidence. Kylah consistently demonstrates the pure joy there is to be had in slowing down to nourish our bodies and souls with real, clean foods.

Tricia Dennis / Mama & Parental Support Worker

Kylah’s commitment to guiding families towards healthier and happier lives is beautifully inspiring. She is an incredible woman with so much to teach us all.

Ranier Wood / Mama & Movement and Wellness Studio Owner /

Kylah is an absolute inspiration. She motivates me to live a more abundant life through simplicity, wholesomeness and mindfulness when it comes to better eating band authentic living.  Farmers feed cities but Kylah’s practical wisdom nourishes communities, encourages personal growth and gives the gift of increased health and well being for both me and my family.

Allison McLaughlin / Mama & School Teacher

Kylah embodies the wholeness of motherhood – her commitment to providing healthy, nutrient-rich food, and offering advice about nourishing our bodies is shown in every aspect of her life. Her beliefs about improving long-term health and vitality are echoed by today’s cutting-edge research, and she is a voice to be honoured as we move towards holistic wellness for ourselves, our children, and our communities.

Megan McCarrell / Mama & Registered Midwife

Get inspiring insights + ideas to bring rhythm, gratitude and fresh, delicious, simple foods to your table